Damaged flex, unfitted plugs can be prone to nasty accidents; PAT services are a crucial need for fire safety and to prevent any mishap from happening; that’s why annual safety checks are an essential part of ensuring that your electrical equipment is working safely.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have an annual PAT testing service near me, I will leave this rudimentary task to some other day. Well, this, my friend, can pay you a price. Do take notice that it’s possible that a fault could go undetected and cause severe damage to the building or its occupants. This could lead to fires, electrocution and other injuries if not adequately addressed. The best thing about having a PAT testing service is that there are no risks involved with hiring someone who knows what they are doing!

Are your electrical Items safe?
You will need a Pat Test

*There is damaged flex cable 

*wrong fused plugs can be prone to nasty accidents

*The appliance is broken letting the elements into it (Not IP  rated)

if the 


Compliance with regulations

PAT testing is a great way to ensure that your electrical safety standards are met. It’s also a quick and easy way to show clients that you’re serious about safety, which will help them feel more comfortable in their homes or business.

Peace of mind
for staff and visitors

When you have an electrical system that’s tested regularly and found safe, it means there’s no need for on-site visits from contractors—saving time and money as well as making it easier for staff members (and clients) to get things done around the office or work area without worrying about being shocked by stray voltage sources or overheating wires during normal use!

House Safety

Peace of mind for homeowners who live in houses built before 2004—or even after 2005 (if they have decided not to invest in upgrades yet). If your home was built before 2004, chances are high that there may be old wiring inside walls still holding onto energy sources such as lighting fixtures; this could cause fires if someone is touched incorrectly by someone unaware of what type of voltage was being used at any given moment!

PAT4less is the Ideal Choice for Safety Standard Here in Berkshire

Electrical safety is a top priority for all of our clients. We know that electrical safety is not only important to you but also significant to your employees and visitors. With this in mind, we bring you a portable appliance test service in your hometown Berkshire.

To verify the authenticity of an electrical contractor, you need to see if they have membership in any professional body. Pat4 less electrical Services, our competent technician can test and repair any unsafe appliances between test periods or remove them from Service if they become unsafe.

We feel pride in saying that most of our PAT testing engineers are members of the NICEIC, ELECSA and NAPIT, assuring you that you will get quality services.


Professional PAT Testing Expert Available for hire

Our PAT testing service is second to none in the area, ensuring that all your appliances are regularly checked for safety. Pat testing is a legal requirement for all electrical appliances, and you must have your appliances regularly checked for safety. If you have a problem with your PAT testing and need to get it fixed, we are happy to help. We will also do any other electrical testing for you, even if it’s related to the building industry. We offer free portable appliance testing services in the UK at any time of day or night on weekdays and weekends (excluding bank holidays).

All our PAT testing engineers are fully trained and authorized by qualified electricians who carry out the inspections. This ensures that they can complete this task with minimal disruption, and any issues will be rectified immediately by our team members on-site at no extra cost.

Our Services


PAT4less offers a range of portable appliance testing services. Our skilled technicians will ensure every piece of equipment in your business or organisation is safe to use.

  • For 110v equipment such as transformers, drills, chop saws and skill saws, we can provide an on-site inspection at the customer’s premises before they are shipped out.
  • For 240v equipment such as printers, fridges, TVs and monitors, we provide an inspection at our base in North London before shipping out to customers nationwide.


Our expert Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) team will ensure every piece of equipment in your business or organisation is safe to use.

So whether you are looking for 110v equipment for BUILDING SITES such as transformers, drills, chop saws, skill saws etc. or 240v equipment such as printers, fridges, TVs, monitors and laptops, we at PAT4less can cover it.

The same goes for the construction site; we also work in schools, colleges, universities, factories, building workshops, office restaurants, and every other type of business.


At PAT4less, our portable appliance testing(PAT) team will ensure every piece of equipment in your business or organisation is safe to use. We can also prepare a risk assessment for your whole site to ensure it is safe from fire or other health and safety issues. This can also help you comply with your insurance conditions and be a good idea.

Our trained technicians have been using our equipment for many years now, so we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to PAT testing. We can come out within an hour on most occasions if required! If there’s something wrong with one of your appliances, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Why Work With Us

  • The main benefits of having your appliance repaired by our team include a warranty on the repairs made during our service period (around 3 years) – No need to take it back into the store or call customer support when you have any issues with your product after repairing it ourselves. We’ll fix it if anything goes wrong at a fixed price for three years.
  • Rest assured, we’ll do our best to beat any like-for-like quote. Get peace of mind with this guarantee.
  • Free repair and retesting of minor faults found during an inspection. No hidden charges, no extra fees!
  • Repair and retesting of minor faults
  • A fixed price for 3 years, with no hidden charges
  • Best efforts to beat any like-for-like quote

Are your items PAT tested?

We provide PAT testing services across Berkshire that cover much commercial product testing as well as for industrial purposes, including:

  • Domestic Appliances (e.g., tumble dryers, washing machines)
  • Heating Systems/Ovens & Boilers/Gas Cookers and Central Heating Controls (including boilers)
  • Portable residual current device lead testing
  • Checking of Main Powered leakage testing
  • Fuse testing
  • Multi-way adapters or IT equipment
  • Fixed appliances for buildings and more

Some necessary PAT testing requirements before proceedings

To start with, you must know that PAT testing is a legal requirement if you do not apply for permission from commercial establishments before we start the process.

You should also keep records of your PAT test results and all other relevant documents regarding this matter. This way, if any questions are raised about your company’s compliance with health regulations and guidelines, we can provide them with proof of our working procedures through our ECS (CSCS) cards!

In addition to that: We inform our employees about their rights under the law when it comes to health safety measures such as this one; they must follow our instructions at all times – even if they don’t want to!

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